The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing to an Agency

The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing to an Agency

Events management, advertising, PR, social media, emails, SEO, web design, video – marketing is an expansive field of any business that it is important to stay on top of.

Whether you are looking to supplement your in-house marketing or for a full service takeover, we highlight five key benefits of outsourcing marketing to an agency.

  1. Expertise

Benefit from a team of professionals with a diverse talent pool, up-to-date on the latest knowledge, trends and tools to be successful in marketing. An agency can find the right person for the right job, ensuring high quality standards. Additionally, a project may be looked at by different specialists from different angles, offering thoroughness for large, complex projects.

As technology, security, and policy and economic trends constantly develop, an agency is primed to stay informed on the latest news and continually update and improve its practices. Team members will be hired for their distinguished skills and be provided with continuous professional development (CPD) as well as learning constantly on the job.

  1. Focus

Without the need to manage, hire and continuously train in-house marketing staff, an agency can provide your company with necessary focus. This gives time to focus on what your business was really meant for, whatever that may be.

At the same time, an agency’s dedication means that we can give our full time and resources to your cause. This means that we can get to grips with what makes your brand distinctive and help it to stand out.

An agency makes it simple, focussing on what it is good at so that you can do the same.

  1. Outside Perspective

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. Using a marketing agency not only provides you with a fresh outlook, but an unbiased and specialist perspective.

Since a marketing agency will also work alongside other clients, they will understand how marketing works throughout a sector, including for your competition. This know-how can enable your company to be competitive, and even get ahead. 

  1. Flexibility

Unlike with in-house marketing, outsourcing to an agency means that you can adapt the amount of time and resources you want to dedicate towards your marketing strategy. Perhaps you find that you want to push marketing more strongly during a busy sales period, or on the flipside need marketing to keep sales up in quieter times.

An agency can resourcefully meet your changing needs as your company scales – whether you are growing your business or refocusing your priorities. Outsourcing is quicker, easier and can be more effective than making changes to in-house marketing staff.

  1. Cost Efficiency

With focused, specialist experts maximising your marketing-generated revenue, you can get more for your money. And, unlike with in-house marketing, outsourcing means that fluctuations to your capacity or need for marketing services won’t negatively impact your pockets. You are only paying for as many hours as you receive service.

One worry that companies might have before working with an agency is that they could lose control and face upcharges. On the contrary, with an agency you can know exactly where your money is going since payment is made by service – which must be agreed upon by both parties. It is up to you how much you are willing to invest in your marketing strategy, and it is the agency’s duty to keep you informed every step of the way.

Finally, without needing to continually pay for relevant training or technology, or even for a desk and computer, there are a number of cost savings to be had.

Catherine Spibey

Catherine Spibey

Agency Account Director


9 February, 2024

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